About Us

UNA is an innovative mobile healthcare technology company, creating solutions to solve onboarding, recruitment, employee selection and compliance challenges. UNA enhances how healthcare organizations connect to candidates, by improving applicant engagement, facilitating compliance workflows and establishing baseline clinical competencies, using validated tools built for hiring. Our Open API facilitates connections to third party platforms, for a seamless candidate experience, reducing drop-off, and improving time to fill metrics. UNA provides two platforms that work seamlessly together: UNA TEST (competency testing, skill checklists, and regulatory education) and UNA WALLET (credential management).

Our Roots

The UNA Team has deep roots in the healthcare staffing and acute care delivery systems. Creation of valid pre-employment screening tools coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit in creating technology that solves problems for both organizations and nurses is paramount to the team’s success. It is also what drives UNA’s strategy today.

Our Vision

UNA’s vision is simple – create technology that does two things. First, improve productivity and onboarding workflows, for hospitals and healthcare staffing companies through innovative technology. Second, to improve the experience for all healthcare professionals in managing their credentials, sharing them with employers, and searching for new employment opportunities. We understand that talent is driving the new market, so we positioned our platform to embrace that change.

Our Team

We aren’t some faceless corporation; we’re people, just like you. With years of experience & expertise, we’re here to power your healthcare processes through our UNA solutions.

Ron Gonzalez, MS BSN


Ron is a Nurse Entrepreneur that started his career as a Med-Surg RN, working at regional hospitals on Long Island, NY. He became a nurse recruiter soon thereafter, learning the systems and operations of Healthcare Staffing. In 2004, Ron founded and launched NurseTesting.com, which later became Prophecy Healthcare. He successfully sold Prophecy to APS/Relias in 2015. Ron Co-Founded JobRobotix in 2016 (with a successful exit in 2022), and subsequently launched UNA Health in 2020. Ron has almost 20 years experience building & scaling innovative, next generation technology for healthcare markets.

Leslie Jeffries MSN, BSN, RN


Leslie is a registered nurse with clinical background in ICU, Telemetry, and nursing management.  Her executive experience is multi-faceted, including VMS operations in healthcare staffing, pre-employment testing at Prophecy Healthcare, assessment-driven learning for physicians and nurses, consulting for healthcare staffing companies working towards Joint Commission certification and operations at UNA Health.  Outside of UNA, she volunteers as a basketball coach, pianist, and several boards of directors for various non-profit organizations.