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Why jump through hoops? UNA takes the headache out of getting hired, by providing a standardized, universal intuitive mobile platform to complete competency testing and easily manage your credentials. Say goodbye to “re-testing” in your specialty every few months with every new assignment. You own your test results, your checklists and your credentials.

Stress-free credential management

As a healthcare professional, you’re required to have licenses, certifications, and health documents – managing them shouldn’t be the hard part. Our mobile technology let’s on-the-go healthcare professionals easily store and share documentation of their credentials on their mobile devices. 24/7 Access. No more paper trails.

Competency testing made easy

Our mobile-friendly software and updated framework, lets you complete competency exams, skills checklists, and annual mandatories from home, work, or anywhere in between. Our updated framework allows checklists to be completed in 50% less time than traditional checklists..

More than an app

Universal Compliance

Our exams are curated by subject matter experts, meet the Joint Commission standards for competency evaluation, & can be accessed from anywhere (which means no more PDF downloads!)

Web Responsive

All functionality works great on any mobile, tablet or desktop experience. Candidates can access UNA from the gym, in the car, or even in the produce aisle.

Easy Credential Sharing

UNA Wallet allows 24/7 access and sharing of your candidates credentials and documents - all in-platform. Submitting candidate profiles and credentials has never been easier. Gone are the days of endless email chains and paper trails.

The UNA Ecosystem

UNA Wallet is as flexible as you are.
Our mobile technology keeps track of your licenses, documents, and certifications so you don’t have to.

Our tests provide high-fidelity patient care scenarios that parallel actual job experiences, more than simple recall of basic information, & best of all - we provide immediate results.

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