24/7 Credential Sharing

Submitting candidate profiles and credentials has never been easier. Candidates love how simple it is to upload their credentials into UNA; recruiters love the ease of use when verifying and managing their clinician’s credentials. Healthcare professionals can keep and track all of their documents in one place and easily submit their information at any time. We know life can get hectic as a healthcare professional, let UNA Wallet make it easier.

Credential Management

Attract top talent by simplifying the credentialing process for your candidates. No more paper trails and email chains, UNA Wallet allows healthcare professionals to upload and share certifications, licenses, and other important documents anytime, anywhere. Recruitment teams can create and send submission packets instantly, rapidly improving speed-to-fill metrics.  We take the stress out of keeping up with dozens of candidates and let you focus on what matters most.

Mobile Access

Allow your candidates the flexibility to manage their credentials from their phone to provide an onboarding experience that meets the needs of candidates today. Life as a healthcare professional is always on-the-move, that’s why UNA Wallet goes with you. Keep track of licenses, certifications, and other health documents from your mobile device at any time.