UNA impacts billion-dollar staffing company, revolutionizing candidate readiness.

UNA Health Inc., a leading provider of mobile recruitment, onboarding, and testing solutions for healthcare staffing companies and hospitals, is excited to announce study results that showed a 33% improvement in competency testing completion rates compared to hospital learning management system, Relias. After switching to  UNA’s mobile competency testing platform, a top ten national healthcare staffing agency immediately realized a significant increase in the volume of their qualified applicant pool. 

The study compared  competency assessment completion data, from the two leading assessment providers in the healthcare staffing industry. Completion data is critical because it speaks to candidates who are fully credentialed/compliant, and prepared to be placed on assignment. A candidate who cannot complete a competency exam, as part of their requirements to work, is unable to be employed.

By gathering metrics from a national staffing company that generated over $1B in revenue in 2021, the study showed that factors such as improved speed to completion and a frictionless digital experience led to a direct improvement in the number of candidates who are “ready to work.”

“Our approach has always been to place the user front and center,” said Ron Gonzalez, CEO of UNA Health, Inc. “We focus on removing barriers to compliance testing, and we’re proud to show that doing so improves competency testing completion rates without compromising on quality. We make it faster and easier for healthcare professionals to go through applicant screening, and that directly correlates to ROI for our staffing partners.

The mobile experience and intuitive design in the UNA platform is the key differentiator to other testing providers.  It offers flexibility without compromising capability to on-the-go healthcare professionals, providing time savings, and rapidly improving top-line revenue for staffing companies.  Moreover, it produces secondary benefits through productivity savings for recruitment and credentialing teams by minimizing time spent on unqualified candidates. UNA’s platform is a clear improvement over Relias.

Make the most of your time (and your dollar).

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